February 11, 2018 by JG In blog 0 Comments

So i’ve recently started to use, a new style of social media where the users can earn money by having their posts upvoted by their peers. You...

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The past 12 months
August 21, 2017 by JG In blog, City, Landscape, Nature, People 0 Comments

Its now been over 12 months since i last updated the blog section, so much has changed in that time, do just thought i’d give a quick overview of everything thats...

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Taipei Travels
August 16, 2016 by JG In City, People 0 Comments

I was in Taiwan for the past few days, and whilst there I was able to organise a stock shoot with the awesome Dave Lin through Modelmayhem (profile number #3817241),...

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Tea Time
August 05, 2016 by JG In blog, Landscape, People, Portrait 0 Comments

Quick trip down to Kagawa for a few days and whilst i was there i couldn’t miss the opportunity to go and visit some local green tea fields. Was awesome...

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Domo arigatou Mr. Roboto
July 21, 2016 by JG In People, Portrait 0 Comments

Thanks to the Kyoto University Robotics department for allowing me to shoot there a few weeks back. It was super fun seeing all of their cool gadgets and...

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Dancing in the dark

The end of May is great for two reasons; 1. It’s the start of summer, And 2. It’s firefly season. In Okayama we get two types of fireflies, Genji who...

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February 18, 2016 by JG In City, People 0 Comments

I recently went to Kyoto, for an iStockalypse event

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February 18, 2016 by JG In Landscape, Nature, Portrait 0 Comments

In February i went to Mt.Daisen in the north of Okayama with Trevor and a few of our friends to climb to the top and shoot stock along the way.

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