The past 12 months

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The past 12 months

Its now been over 12 months since i last updated the blog section, so much has changed in that time, do just thought i’d give a quick overview of everything thats happened.

Just under 12 months ago i decided to concentrate more on stock photography instead of client work (I’ve still been doing client as Tdubphoto with Trevor, but less frequently).

Since then i’ve travelled lots, and shot as much as i could. Here’s some of the highlights;

October- November 2016
I spent a month in America, starting off with an iStock video meet up in LA. I spent a couple of weeks shooting in LA with fellow contributors Hal Bergman and Raffi Alexander. Then me and Hal took to the road doing a two week round trip to Austin, Texas (for another iStock meet up) stopping at several places along the route; Joshua Tree, Saguaro National Park, Hitting an Elk in the Gila Forrest and then getting stranded in Albuquerque (Thanks again to John and Ana for housing us whilst we waited for our car to be repaired), White Sands National Monument, Marfa, Austin, Santa Fe, meeting back up with John and Ana to go to Meow Wolf (which was very cool- google it), Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas then finally back to LA for the return flight to Japan.

March 2017
Spent a week in Okinawa with Trevor Williams and Hide Miyoshi (we also had a brief visit from Rich Legg who joined us on a jungle adventure). The main reason for our trip was for me and Trevor to hold/ and present at an iStock event looking for new contributors. Then the other 6 days we were there we shot for our joint iStock account. Over the 6 days we covered a range of topics and locations including, glass blowing, traditional Japanese weaving, river trekking, stand up paddle boarding, woodworking, flower arranging, pottery, woodwork, families, a shopping mall.

March-April 2017
I flew straight from Okinawa to Bangkok where i met up with David Fruend. We then spent a week shooting stock, meeting up with some of the local contributors and eating strange bugs from the street vendors (scorpions/ meal worms etc).


(Sample of shots from Okinawa and Bangkok)

May 2017

Spent a week in Tokyo for the iStockalypse event, did a couple of presentations and a live demonstration. Then spent the the rest of the time shooting stock and hanging out with friends.

July- August 2017
Back to America. Spent a week in LA shooting with several contributors, Hal, Raffi, David, Owen and Keith. Then flew over to Salt lake city to meet Rich and Erika Legg for an unofficial iStock event. The event was to raise money for the UVU scholarship fund and was organised by Kris Russell (and many, many others who helped out) . We spent two and a half days shooting cowboys and cowgirls in a variety of stunning locations. I also went to the gun range for the first time, it was surprisingly more difficult than i thought it’d be.


(USA 2017)

In between all these i continued to shoot lots of stock locally in Okayama and Osaka.

Its been a lot of long days this year but it’s definitely been worth it, and i’m looking forward to the rest of the year, with trips planned for Osaka, Hokkaido and the UK over the next two months. And hopefully i’ll get better at updating my blogs more regularly.

Thats all for now.


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